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How Can Digital Marketing Company Reduce Your CPC Cost?

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For running profitable CPC campaigns, you need to reduce the pay per click cost. In order to achieve this closely examine your bid strategies, landing pages and keywords. With the aid of the ideal SEO  company in Noida you can reduce CPC costs and earn more with your campaign .The following are some simple tips by them on how the correct digital marketing techniques can reduce your CPC cost- 

Quality Score management

 1.Manual Bidding :

The first step to reduce CPC costs is to allow Google to handle them. You should start with a low cost per click. Check the right keywords so that they work. Increase the bids on these keywords. This generates more sales and improves the position of the ad. Reduce the bids for keywords that got impressions but failed to generate sales. 

2.Adjust bids on location, day, time and devices- Before reducing these bids, some research has to be done-

  • Find out which devices work better-tablets, mobiles or desktops 
  • Find out the location that brought you more traffic- area, country or city 
  • Which are the worst and best selling days
  • Find out the time of the day that made the most conversions 
Here, the target is to reduce the CPC costs. Ensure you do it correcting after observing the above.

 3.Keyword review and addition of long tailed keywords-

Keywords have associated costs. The bid on a specific keyword becomes higher when more people bid on it. High competition keywords will increase your CPC costs. The trick here is to revise your keywords and create long-tailed keywords. The search volume will be less and the costs reduce.

 4.Identity negative keywords- 

Negative keywords waste your budget on unnecessary clicks you do not need. They make your campaigns less competitive. In case, you do not have negative keywords, you are inviting more CPC costs as you are bidding on keywords not relevant to your campaign.

 5. Landing page review-

Check whether your landing page is relevant or not. This can affect your quality and score negatively. Here costs increase.
Landing page review

Therefore, if you wish to reduce CPC costs, please keep the above in mind. Many SEO companies in Delhi and Noida guide and counsel you with the above. You need to choose the right one for your needs. For more information on the above, you may contact our leading digital marketing company in Noida to get better returns on your CPC campaigns at lesser costs.

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